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Energy Helpout – Lockdown Energy Help

Energy HelpOut is back. We’re in lockdown, but we’ve still got energy management in our sights. This week, we’re looking at the coronavirus lockdown as an opportunity, albeit uninvited, to take stock of your business energy management. It’s a chance to interrogate your energy data, to challenge your energy supplier on the quality of the data they supply, and to create a coherent strategy and action plan for reducing energy costs. The post-coronavirus period will see businesses looking to make savings across the board, and energy costs are an overhead companies can easily reduce.

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This is Energy Helpout

Energy HelpOut’s first video exploring our experiences of ESOS Phase 2, preparing for SECR, and what we’ve got in store for upcoming videos. Amaad Ahmed from Encope and Damian Burton from Tricarbon are your hosts.

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