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SECR guidance from Encope

The enquiries we’re getting at Encope suggest there’s still a lot of confusion about Streamlined Energy Carbon Reporting (SECR), which replaced the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme on 1 April 2019. The misunderstanding comes in two forms:

  • First, companies often don’t understand their commitment to reporting and need professional SECR guidance. That includes companies that have filed CRC reports in the past.
  • And second, there’s a large number of companies that were simply unaware that they were required to submit reports. Even if you fall under Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) thresholds, you might still be required to submit an SECR report too.

Encope is here to help. Starting with a free consultation we’ll identify your requirements, and if you decide to use our expertise, we can produce a full report for submission.

About Amaad Ahmed, Encope’s founder

Amaad Ahmed has devoted his professional and academic life to energy efficiency. He’s motivated by two drivers: a desire to reduce emissions for environmental benefits, and also to help save businesses money through smart consultation and actions. 

After achieving his BEng in Mechanical Engineering and Management in 2010 and an MSc in Renewable Energy in 2013, Amaad has worked as an energy specialist for several organisations in the North West and the Midlands, before founding Encope in 2017.

Is SECR guidance necessary?

Very large companies will often have in-house specialists whose sole purpose is to advise on energy efficiency and compliance with national and international regulations. However, for most companies, this is a task that does not need to be carried out full-time.

Periodic audits and advice from specialists in energy efficiency and legal commitments will be enough to stay compliant.

It is for this reason that external guidance has proved to be the best way forward for companies eligible for SECR, and it’s why Encope has proved to be a lifeline for companies struggling to stay on top of the regulations and avoid penalties.

Attempting to produce an SECR report without the requisite expertise could inadvertently lead to non-compliance due to blind spots that experts would have identified. If you’re one of the 12,000 companies that need to file an SECR report, we strongly recommend you get expert help in.

Potential repercussions for non-compliance

There’s reassuring news if you feel you’re not compliant with the new regulations, but the reassurance comes with a note of caution.

While the rules are still new, the government appears to be showing leniency to companies struggling to become compliant. While penalties are not being ruled out, they are appreciating the fact that the regulations are still novel to many companies, and are offering support where companies are seen to be taking their obligations seriously.

As time progresses, however, companies will have no excuses for not being compliant, and penalties will become a much more common result if they are caught. That is why there is no better time than now to get the ball rolling. 

Let Encope make you efficient, compliant and more profitable

If you’re a company owner who’s concerned about SECR and energy efficiency compliance, drop us a line and we can come and give you a free initial consultation. We can ensure you’re compliant, and you can get on with running your business in the most efficient way possible.

As well as keeping your business compliant, there’s another major benefit: we can also help your bottom line through increased efficiency. So please fill in a quick formand we’ll be in touch very soon.

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