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Free Half Hourly Energy Consumption Analysis

Encope are offering a free desktop based energy consumption analysis of your organisation. With your half hourly data, we can help identify the following:

Example heat map

Heat map analysis – For a quick snapshot of energy consumption patterns and easy identification of low-cost/no-cost scheduling opportunities.


Example weekly consumption profile

Average weekly and daily consumption profiles– These depict what the the average consumption profile looks like for any given weekday. This allows for easy visualisation of the buildings base-load consumption (red dotted line) and the out of hours consumption on weekends etc. (if applicable). Again, this can lead to low-cost/no-cost energy reduction opportunities.


Example regression analysis

Regression Analysis- To determine the level of correlation between energy consumption and your organisations core activities (e.g. No. of widgets produced) or with external temperature (heating / cooling degree days).

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