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ESOS Compliance

Following Brexit, it is envisaged that ESOS will be maintained within the UK. The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has undertaken a consultation on “Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting” in which no change is proposed to ESOS.

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Although, there is the potential to use ESOS outputs in the new streamlined reporting approach. This means that ESOS outputs (opportunities) may have to be included in a companies’ annual reports, which shareholders can request and are filed with and made available by Companies House.

An organisation will need to undertake an ESOS assessment in Phase 2 if it meets the following criteria on the qualification date of 31st December 2018:

ESOS is currently in its second phase (compliance period 2). The deadline for compliance for phase 2 is the 5th December 2019. Our recommended path to ensure compliance is depicted below:

The 1st of January 2018 marks the start of the data reference period for Phase 2. This is earliest date from which 12 consecutive months of energy consumption data can be collated to ensure that the qualification date of 31/12/2018 is captured. This data equates to an organisation’s total energy consumption for the respective compliance period. The total energy consumption includes all input energy use, e.g. buildings, industrial processes and transport.

It is recommended that the energy audits are undertaken as early as possible.

If not covered by an alternative route to compliance (ISO 50001, DECs or Green Deal Assessment), ESOS compliant energy audits must be carried out to cover areas of significant energy use. It is recommended that the energy audits are undertaken as early as possible and during the reference period, as this would allow any savings identified to be realised sooner and ensure the availability of an ESOS lead Assessor. Feedback from Phase 1 has suggested that the unavailability of Lead Assessors leading up to the deadline had driven up the cost of compliance.

Once the qualification date has passed, an evidence pack can be collated which included all the required audits and total energy consumption. The Environment Agency (EA) can then be notified of compliance well ahead of the December 2019 deadline.

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