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Energy Helpout from Encope

Encope’s Energy Help Out service provides highly qualified and industry certified outsourced Energy Managers that can be hired on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to suit your business requirements. The Energy Managers have proven success across multiple sectors and can provide an objective view of your organisation’s energy performance. Most organisations can benefit from energy management expertise to help reduce their energy and utility costs, become more efficient, reduce their carbon footprint and transition to a net-zero emitter. Access to this expertise has generally in the past meant significant human resource cost to the business. The Energy Help-Out service allows you to benefit from this expertise without the costs and long-term commitment associated with employing permanent internal resources.

Consumption Diagnosis / Remote Help Out

Monthly On-Site Energy Help Out

Weekly On-Site Energy Help Out

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How It Works

Once you’ve decided which tier suits your needs, get in touch with Encope by booking a slot to speak to an Energy Manager.

For the Remote Help-Out service Encope will request your site’s fiscal Half Hourly (HH) consumption data (for a 12-month period) and your organisations operational information. This information will be analysed and profiled in order to depict the site’s energy consumption patterns, determine the site’s baseload consumption and identify any areas of concern or energy being wasted. Click here to view a sample diagnosis report.

For the On-site Energy Help Out tiers, Encope will arrange an initial kick off meeting and meet with the primary contact either on-site or remotely. In order to undertake the preparation & strategy phase and to determine your organisations objectives.

Once the Energy Manager is on-site (on your preferred day(s)) they can be utilised for any of the activities listed in the tiers above. The on-site support is available on a flexible rolling monthly basis, not requiring commitments to long term contracts.




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